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Without a thoughtful and well-intentioned justice system, victims are less likely to report and offenders are less likely to be held accountable. As the gatekeepers to our justice system, prosecutors are a key partner to our prevention and response efforts related to gender-based violence and human trafficking.

AEquitas is the only organization whose mission focuses on improving the quality of justice in gender-based violence and human trafficking cases from the prosecution perspective. Our work focuses primarily on communities in the United States, but we also do a significant amount of international work. Our staff's expertise as well as our extensive network in the U.S. and aboard gives us great insight into ongoing and emerging issues, best practices, and innovative strategies in our individual and collective responses to gender-based violence and human trafficking.

AEquitas staff create, research, and curate publications, statutory and case law compilations, and other resources that strengthen prosecution practices.  Since 2009, AEquitas has continued to offer on-demand 24/7 consultations with our seasoned prosecutors to answer case-specific inquiries, discuss strategy, conduct research, and recommend data-driven solutions.  We also develop curricula and facilitate a wide range of specialized in-person and web-based trainings designed to empower prosecutors and allied professionals, while providing long-term support in building frameworks for coordinated responses, including data collection and analysis, task force development, and training.

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  • AEquitas - RTI Smart Prosecution TTA Iniative
  • Category 1 Improving Victim and Witness Cooperation
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Nonprofit Organization
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1100 H Street NW, Suite 310
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