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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many courts worked to switch to a virtual format, while criminal court cases became backlogged. This problem has continued throughout the pandemic to the point that some courts face such a large backlog that some cases may need to be dropped.

By Amy C. Durall, Integrity Institute, LLC

President Biden declared April as Second Chance Month in support of reentry services. Reentry Week will also take place April 26–30, 2021.

As part of the Bureau of Justice Assistance’s e Coordinated Tribal Assistance Solicitation Category 3: Responses to Alcohol and Substance Abuse and Comprehensive Opioid Abuse Training and Technical Assistance Program, the National Criminal Justice Training Center of Fox Valley Technical College produced the webinar “Building Stress-Resilient Tribal Communities.” This webinar discusses factors that lead to stress, the correlation between stress

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BJA NTTAC's TTA Catalog is a feature that promotes upcoming events and trainings; TTA resources offered by BJA TTA providers; and a list of current BJA TTA grantees. The TTA Catalog aims to share information on available trainings and technical assistance that may be of interest to the justice community.