Law Enforcement

Off the Cuff: Officer Safety and Wellness Talks

The Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) VALOR Initiative is hosting the “Off the Cuff: Officer Safety and Wellness Talks” event on August 8, 2019 in Santa Barbara, California. Over the course of four hours, five law enforcement officers will share their compelling personal stories and insights on:

  • Post critical-incident trauma care;
  • Creating a path to financial freedom;
  • Recommitting to your physical health;
  • Shot in the line of duty: returning to work;
  • Creating a top-down culture of wellness and resiliency.

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CenTF Multijurisdictional Task Force Commanders Training (August 2019)

The Bureau of Justice Assistance’s Center for Task Force Training (CenTF) Program offers the classroom-based “Task Force Commanders Training” through a two-day onsite training. This training covers a variety of topics designed to assist task force commanders and other law enforcement leaders in making appropriate decisions regarding task force administration and operations planning and management.

Webinar - Fostering/Maximizing Your Organization’s Community Engagement

Many organizations confuse outreach with engagement or use the terms interchangeably. Learn about the stark differences between the two and, most importantly, how to maximize the return of investment with purposeful and meaningful engagement.

Webinar - Tribal-Federal-State Jurisdiction and its Relationship to Public Safety in Indian Country

The complexity of jurisdiction in Indian Country is reviewed in historical context from the first encounters with European nations, the establishment of the United States, until today. This webinar will feature an analysis of the subsequent treaties and what they established in the recognition of tribal sovereignty.

Webinar - The Impact of Trauma on Child Development: What Justice Professionals Need to Know

This webinar will begin with a brief overview of the impact of trauma on an adult brain and body as a point of comparison. Information is then provided on the specific impact on children. The information will then show how the developmental impact affects behavior at different ages, even into adulthood. The concepts of intergenerational trauma and fetal programming are also presented.

Webinar - What Justice Professionals Need to Know about Hate Crime

Hate crimes and bias incidents are occurring throughout the United States, in big cities and small towns, highly publicized or going unreported. They can represent the ultimate in violence, or they can spread their message of fear and intimidation through words and rhetoric.

Hate crimes are different than any other crimes you will encounter as a law enforcement officer. They can happen anywhere, and anyone can be a target. No one is safe, and there is no protection.

Join the Justice Clearinghouse, in partnership with the International Association of Law Enforcement Planners, for the Women in Law Enforcement webinar series. During this four-part series, expert researchers and practitioners will discuss the experiences of women in the field of policing, as well as identify opportunities, challenges, and research gaps affecting the successful inclusion of women in U.S. law enforcement.

Webinar - Women in Law Enforcement: Performance and Outcomes

Administratively and academically, evaluating officers’ performance has been typically completed using simplified metrics such as the number of arrests made. Although these metrics fail to capture important nuanced details about officers’ contributions, they have been used to compare female officers to male officers. Notwithstanding demonstrated similarities in outcomes, evidence suggests that women perform some policing functions in entirely different ways than men.

Webinar - Women in Law Enforcement: Navigating Police Culture

This webinar will explore the enduring challenges women encounter in the law enforcement profession and offer strategies to navigating the police culture in an effort to encourage female interest in the field, and to ensure future generations of female leadership in policing.

In this webinar, attendees will:

Webinar - Women in Law Enforcement: Promotion & Assignment

To truly impact the police field, women must attain leadership positions where they can make organizational decisions, affect culture, and inspire future generations. However, in 2013, women made up only 7 percent of police mid-level management and first line supervisors, and 2.7 percent of police chiefs in the United States. Due to a lack of research in this area, there is a limited understanding of the barriers and challenges that policewomen face in seeking promotions and navigating the upper ranks of law enforcement. In this webinar, Dr.