Law Enforcement

BJA NTTAC provides law enforcement agencies with an array of tools, resources, training, and support that allow them to meet the needs of their communities. Due to the emergence of new and unique challenges that must be met with limited resources, BJA NTTAC is a resource for law enforcement efforts to prevent crime and build support for enforcement activities in their communities.

Furthermore, BJA NTTAC supports training on collaborative problem-solving and facilitating community engagement. BJA NTTAC provides technical assistance to help prevent violence against law enforcement officers and promote officer resilience and safety.

Our Work

  • As part of BJA NTTAC’s Crime Analysis on Demand program, a BJA NTTAC consultant worked with the Corpus Christi (TX) Police Department crime analysts on preventing and reducing crime through a combination of crime analysis, improved information-sharing, and community involvement. Learn more about BJA NTTAC’s Crime Analysis on Demand TTA resources.
  • Through BJA NTTAC, hundreds of law enforcement officers have received Blue Courage training, a holistic approach to police wellness and performance. Blue Courage, Inc. conducts a classroom training program to educate officers on principles and practices of human effectiveness, purpose-driven work, resilience, positive attitude, and sound judgment. Read more about BJA NTTAC’s work in the field with Blue Courage, Inc.