Provide TTA:

BJA NTTAC is committed to provide state, local, and tribal justice agencies in need of assistance with the best training and technical assistance (TTA) services. We take the time to understand the specific justice-related need of the agency requesting help and match that need with the right expert to provide the right services.

To ensure BJA NTTAC is able to provide the right expert to address each agency’s unique need for services, we have made considerable investments in funding organizations, individuals, and projects that deliver TTA to the field. BJA NTTAC also continues to solicit high-quality individuals and organizations with unique subject matter expertise who are willing and able to provide TTA services to requesting agencies on a wide variety of justice topics.

Become a BJA NTTAC Provider

If you or your organization is interested in providing TTA services, please complete the BJA NTTAC provider application to detail your areas of expertise and criminal justice experience. If approved, you will be entered into our database of TTA providers.

To best match a request for TTA services to a provider of services, BJA NTTAC first reviews our provider database, which includes BJA TTA grantees, TTA providers BJA NTTAC has worked with previously, as well as individuals or organizations that have submitted an application to become a BJA NTTAC provider. Additionally, BJA NTTAC consults with BJA staff for provider recommendations, or may release a request for proposal to provide TTA services to an agency.

If you are selected to provide TTA services to a requesting agency, BJA NTTAC will coordinate with both you and the requesting agency to ensure smooth, high-quality delivery of service.

Refer an Agency in Need to BJA NTTAC

As a subject matter expert closely engaged with the field, you are our partner in identifying those criminal justice agencies and communities that would benefit from TTA services. If you know of an agency or community that would benefit from receiving TTA services through BJA NTTAC, please refer them to complete an online TTA request form or to contact us to discuss how BJA NTTAC can help.

BJA TTA Grantees

If you are a BJA TTA grantee, you will be required to report into BJA’s TTA Reporting Portal. Below are links to several resources to help you learn more about the TTA Reporting Portal.

TTA Reporting Portal Performance Metrics Data Dictionary

TTA Reporting Portal FAQs