Request TTA

BJA NTTAC provides no-cost training and technical assistance (TTA) on a wide range of criminal justice topics to improve the knowledge and skills of justice professionals. This process includes assessing a state, local, or tribal agency’s request for TTA services and then matching that request to the provider(s) best-suited to address those needs.

To request TTA services from BJA NTTAC, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Identify your agency’s need.

Determine the issue your agency or community is facing.

Step 2: Submit this contact form.

Step 3: BJA NTTAC contacts requestor to gather information.

The BJA NTTAC team will schedule a meeting with the requesting agency and complete a request assessment.

During this requestor call, BJA NTTAC will walk through an assessment tool to gather additional information regarding the request, including details on jurisdiction, needs, challenges, support by leadership, goals of TTA, and additional agency information.


BJA NTTAC evaluates the request for assistance.

  • Request Approved: BJA NTTAC notifies the requesting agency of approval and coordinates with the selected TTA provider and requesting agency to discuss the TTA delivery and implementation plan.
  • Request directed to other resources: Request may be referred to another existing organization or resource which may better meet the requesting agency’s need.

There is no limit to the number of TTA request applications an organization may submit to BJA NTTAC. Each application is reviewed independently and considered on its own merits.

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