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Polis Solutions, Inc. was founded in by the creators of a $40M Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) effort to develop innovative methods and technologies for training social interaction and trust-­‐building skills.  We are a training, consulting and research firm that specializes in creating evidence-­‐based programs that build public trust and safer communities. Polis Solutions’ work focuses on helping police departments and other organizations develop customized programs to manage the social dynamics that shape human performance and trust in critical situations.  Our team combines world-­‐class expertise in policing, social science research, adult education, military special operations, and technology development to create effective training and actionable analysis for our clients.

Building on their work on the DARPA “Good Stranger” program, the founders of Polis developed the T3 – Tact, Tactics, and Trust™ police training system. T3™ combines science, technology, and operational expertise to deliver evidence-­‐based training that improves officers’ decisions and actions before, during, and after public interactions. It is the only police training system that simultaneously addresses the perceptual, cognitive, and behavioral dimensions of social interaction. T3™ develops practical skills and habits that improve the safety and fairness of officers’ actions at the street level. T3™ enhances officers’ ability to build rapport and trust with community members in diverse social and cultural contexts, especially under stressful and dangerous conditions. Officers equipped with T3™ skills are safer, more tactful and patient, and less likely to use force. T3™ training has rapidly been gaining attention and prominence, and was selected in September 2016 as the DOJ’s de-­‐escalation program of record with funding of over $2.3M to support its national expansion.

The Polis Solutions team has a wide range of training, research, development, assessment, and evaluation capabilities that can be integrated into programs of all sizes.  Our world-­‐class academic and technology partners enable us to leverage resources that include state of the art knowledge in areas ranging from artificial intelligence, serious game design, and simulation to compact body-­‐worn sensors, video analysis, and computer vision.

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