Law Enforcement

OJP Diagnostic Center Webinar - Adapting to Change: Avoiding the Success Trap

Community expectations, advances in technology, and emerging research documenting evidence–based practices are changing the nature of policing. Are you effectively preparing staff to enhance operations and meet community expectations for fair, impartial, and effective policing?

People with Disabilities in the Criminal Justice System: Promising Legislation for Statewide Reforms

Join NCCJD as we delve into the stories that created statewide movements to pass legislation impacting people with disabilities in the criminal justice system as either suspects or victims of crime. Over the past two years, NCCJD has been compiling a database of such legislation in order to help criminal justice and disability professionals understand this issue from a national viewpoint and get an idea of what type of legislation is being passed and why. A brief overview of current findings will be discussed by NCCJD’s Program Manager.

Police/Community Trust: Local and National Perspectives (Jan 2016)

This webinar will describe in detail the reasons for the extraordinarily successful police/community trust initiative in Watts, California. Specifically: why the police were bought in; why the community was bought in; what resources it took to sustain the effort; and requisite structural changes, e.g. in police training and evaluation. The National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice will focus on the community perspective.

VALOR Officer Safey Conference

The VALOR Conference is designed to provide officers with the opportunity to gain knowledge and be reenergized in their profession by introducing the principles of the VALOR Initative. VALOR presentations seek to engage officers, make them aware of the threats facing them, and encourage them to adopt and implement VALOR training principles. Topics will include identifying emerging threats and challenges, implementing casualty care and rescue tactics, recognizing pre-incident indicators of a potential assault, and enhancing officer resiliency.

The Way of the Jedi: Developing the Balance Between the Warrior and Guardian Webinar

We are plagued with stories about police corruption, poor tactics, excessive use of force and as such public outcry for change is louder than ever. As a result, many agencies have attempted quick fixes (e.g., increased accountability, de-escalation classes, cameras) that have not solved the problem. Additionally, there continues to be a debate about if officers should be warrior or guardians and these conversations tend to create division and foster extreme response options that perpetuate officer imbalance.