Webinar - How Data Analytics Improve Agency & Facility Management

Thursday Aug 30, 2018 - 03:00pm to 04:00pm EDT
Event Description: 

Can you be a more effective leader, and a better decisionmaker, with readily accessible data? The information challenges presented to agency and facility management, as well as the broader justice and public safety community including pretrial and probation departments, vary greatly but can all be solved through technology. 

Join the DXC Eclipse team as they walk through challenge scenarios you may be running into at your agency or correctional facility.  Learn how to solve them through the use of data analytics, reporting and business intelligence (BI).

This webinar will show you how:

  • Data from disparate systems (local, regional, state, national) can be combined into a single snapshot view for analysis.
  • Data analytics in the form of dashboards can display trends over time, which can easily be presented then used for resource, facility, and budget planning purposes.
  • Reports generated on-demand provide immediate access to data.
  • BI supports better decisionmaking over time.
  • Access from any device, anytime, anywhere can improve and speed up decisionmaking.
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Justice Clearinghouse