Traumatic Cases and Events: How to Become Resilient and Move Forward

Tuesday Jul 23, 2019 - 12:00pm to 01:30pm UTC
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This webinar is meant for individuals who are looking to build resiliency to combat the effects of trauma. Traumatic events can set your life on one course or another. These events occur frequently in the course of investigations and working with child exploitation cases. Rather than allowing these events to define us or take us over, learn how to recognize different types of trauma through warning signs and become aware of the impact it has in not only your life but those around you. Throughout this webinar, you will also learn how trauma is encoded within your body and how through simple techniques, you limit the impact trauma has on our lives. You will also learn how to reframe any situation for your benefit. You will learn tools on how to shift your mind to not only overcome and situation, but also thrive. Take charge of your feelings, life, and outcome!

5000 NASA Boulevard, Suite 2400
Richmond, VA 23230
United States
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Damita Jones
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