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Research for the Real World: Law Enforcement Stress and Trauma

Increased attention has been given to police officer exposure to traumatic events as well as their prolonged involvement in stressful situations, environments, and working conditions. High stress can have precipitous negative effects on an individual’s mental health — including the onset of mental illnesses such as post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and/or anxiety. Moreover, research conducted in other fields of employment have shown that stress and stress-related disorders can cause problems with concentration, memory, and mood, which impacts workplace performance.

Busting Bitcoin Bandits

An underground movement of hackers is taking over victims' telephones and draining their financial accounts! In the past 12 months, a California high-tech task force named REACT has identified more than 800 victims and nearly $50 million in losses of cash and cryptocurrency. Please join Santa Clara County, California Prosecutor Erin West and District Attorney Investigator David Berry as they explain this phenomenon known as sim-swapping and detail how the hackers are able to access phones, hijack social media, and ultimately steal millions of dollars. The presenters will take a look at this new class of criminals and identify ways to protect people against this growing crime wave.

Phishing to Laundering: From Clicks to Cash-Out

It is widely acknowledged that phishing is responsible for more than 90 percent of breaches occurring today. Basic phishing primarily exploits human behavior to entice a victim to ‘click the link’ or ‘open the attachment,’ thus often handing over to the criminal the golden nugget – valid access credentials. While we are all taught not to click or open the attachment, the scheme is still highly successful and profitable.

Traumatic Cases and Events: How to Become Resilient and Move Forward

This webinar is meant for individuals who are looking to build resiliency to combat the effects of trauma. Traumatic events can set your life on one course or another. These events occur frequently in the course of investigations and working with child exploitation cases. Rather than allowing these events to define us or take us over, learn how to recognize different types of trauma through warning signs and become aware of the impact it has in not only your life but those around you. Throughout this webinar, you will also learn how trauma is encoded within your body and how through simple techniques, you limit the impact trauma has on our lives. You will also learn how to reframe any situation for your benefit. You will learn tools on how to shift your mind to not only overcome and situation, but also thrive. Take charge of your feelings, life, and outcome!

Sandcastles in a Storm: Application Vulnerabilities and How They Weaken our Organizations

In this presentation, Kevin Johnson of Secure Ideas will walk through some of the issues we face as we move more and more of our life into applications and the Internet of Things. The presentation will explore the vulnerabilities, how they are attacked, and what it means to all of us.

Being Mickey in a Goofy World: Understanding User Attacks

Kevin Johnson of Secure Ideas has been attacking users for as long as he has been working in security. With permission of course! In this presentation, he will walk through the various attacks, including email, social media, and in-person. Using various war stories, he will explain how the attacker views the user and what they do to increase the success rate of these attacks.

Seven Samurai: Understanding Attacks to Drive Defenses

This presentation uses war stories from decades of working in information technology and security to explore the attacks we see today. Kevin Johnson of Secure Ideas will walk through the attacks that are the root of the breaches today. These stories will explain how the attack was performed and why an attacker would take that direction.

Investigating Terrorist Financing with Chainalysis Reactor

Terrorist organizations are using cryptocurrencies as a new way to raise funds and facilitate operations. This poses a challenge to both public and private sector organizations, but also creates a new opportunity for lead development centered on blockchain data. This webinar will review an analysis of recent cases of terrorist organizations using Bitcoin, provide an overview of Chainalysis data and the Reactor software solution, and speak to the future of terrorist financing through cryptocurrency and how to stop them.

Collecting Advertiser ID Evidence in Criminal Investigations (Mar 19 2019, 2:30 p.m.)

Many mobile phone users choose to share Advertiser ID information with app developers and social media companies. This includes precision handset geolocation information. Advertiser ID handset geolocation information is separate and distinct from handset geolocation information collected by cellular carriers, by Google for Android OS devices, or on iOS handsets in Significant Locations. Commercially available Advertiser ID information can be used during criminal investigations to determine if a handset was at multiple crime scenes near the times of those crimes and to determine specific locations where a handset was previously located. This webinar will discuss Advertiser IDs, show where Advertiser ID controls are located on iOS and Android OS handsets, outline investigative use and considerations, and detail specific instances when evidence collected from commercially available Advertiser ID information was used during the investigations of serious crimes.