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Maximizing the Value of GSOCs

Many enterprises have created Global Security Operations Centers (GSOCs) as part of their overall security strategy and operations. One of the biggest challenges security executives face is maximizing the value of their investment in their GSOC and the staff operating it. Another major challenge is keeping the GSOC staff motivated. Bringing intelligence feeds into the GSOC and engaging the GSOC staff in analysis and reporting of actionable intelligence fulfills both voids. Two senior security executives will present case studies on how they brought intelligence feeds and analysis into their GSOCs and the lessons they learned along the way.

Mindhunters: Exploiting Offender Psychology in Proactive Operations and Abuse Investigations

Learn psychological insights and practical strategies to exploit Internet sex offender dynamics. Discover how to apply the behavioral profiles of solicitation and child pornography offenders in a variety of settings, including while conducting proactive operations or pretext phone calls, crafting undercover personas, identifying device usage, and interviewing perpetrators. This webinar will also address how to attack sex offender risk assessments, with perspectives from prosecution and forensic psychology.

Digital Evidence: Putting the Digital Pieces Together for a Judge and Jury

Modern criminal cases almost always have a technology connection, and putting the pieces together can be overwhelming for prosecutors who may not have the background or experience the investigators have. This webinar will provide an overview of the various types of digital evidence in criminal investigations and concepts for explaining them to a judge and jury.

How to Convict a Child Pornographer

The investigation and prosecution of child pornography has exponentially increased nationwide in recent years, while tactics utilized by online sexual offenders continue to evolve and adapt with emerging technology. This webinar will focus on several key aspects of obtaining convictions, including practical investigative considerations, establishing perpetrator identity, utilizing prior bad acts evidence, countering common defense strategies, and communicating the severity of these egregious offenses to judges and juries.

Research for the Real World: Law Enforcement Stress and Trauma

Increased attention has been given to police officer exposure to traumatic events as well as their prolonged involvement in stressful situations, environments, and working conditions. High stress can have precipitous negative effects on an individual’s mental health — including the onset of mental illnesses such as post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and/or anxiety. Moreover, research conducted in other fields of employment have shown that stress and stress-related disorders can cause problems with concentration, memory, and mood, which impacts workplace performance.

Busting Bitcoin Bandits

An underground movement of hackers is taking over victims' telephones and draining their financial accounts! In the past 12 months, a California high-tech task force named REACT has identified more than 800 victims and nearly $50 million in losses of cash and cryptocurrency. Please join Santa Clara County, California Prosecutor Erin West and District Attorney Investigator David Berry as they explain this phenomenon known as sim-swapping and detail how the hackers are able to access phones, hijack social media, and ultimately steal millions of dollars. The presenters will take a look at this new class of criminals and identify ways to protect people against this growing crime wave.

Phishing to Laundering: From Clicks to Cash-Out

It is widely acknowledged that phishing is responsible for more than 90 percent of breaches occurring today. Basic phishing primarily exploits human behavior to entice a victim to ‘click the link’ or ‘open the attachment,’ thus often handing over to the criminal the golden nugget – valid access credentials. While we are all taught not to click or open the attachment, the scheme is still highly successful and profitable.