Cyber Investigation 150 Introduction to Cellular Investigations ICI (Feb 2018)

Wednesday Feb 14, 2018 - 08:00am EST to Friday Feb 16, 2018 - 05:00pm EST
Event Description: 

This course covers the acquisition and analysis of the various types of call detail records obtained from cellular providers. It focuses on data analysis using Microsoft Excel, as well as techniques for presenting findings in case reports or in court. Students receive a copy of PerpHound, the National White Collar Crime Center's (NW3C) free software tool for the analysis of call detail records. This course also covers best practices for seizing, preserving, and acquiring evidence internal to a cellular phone. Topics include the attributes of mobile devices, the basics of cellular technology, the challenges of preserving data stored on cellular phones, and techniques for conducting manual cellular phone investigations, extracting data from cellular phones, and reviewing the extracted data. Students gain practical experience through hands-on exercises with widely used interrogation tools.

Course structure:

  • Cellular technology. Understand land-line and cellular networks and the types and generations of cell phones, as well as cell site design and its implications for law enforcement.
  • Analysis of call detail records. Learn how to request information from service providers; convert records into a useful format; merge two related spreadsheets; read and analyze using filters, sorting, and pivot tables; and plot location information.
  • Preservation and collection. Explore best practices for seizing a cellular phone, discuss onsite considerations and onsite triage, and learn about removing a device from a network.
  • Acquisition and examination. Understand the levels of a cell phone examination and best practices.
  • Hands-on experience. Gain hands-on experience with NW3C's free software tool PerpHound. Work with widely used interrogation tools including Micro Systemation XRY and Oxygen Forensic Detective.
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