From CitiStat to GunStat: A Data-Driven Strategy to Address Gun Crime

Thursday Sep 06, 2018 - 02:00pm to 03:00pm EDT
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CitiStat was a data-driven management strategy designed to monitor and improve the performance of all city services in real time. Founded on the core concepts of Compstat, the CitiStat model involved a series of weekly meetings that focused on improving the effectiveness across city agencies to address complex safety issues. As gun crime became prioritized within the process, the CitiStat model was utilized to focus solely on the targeted enforcement and prosecution of felony gun crimes, and soon became known on a national level as GunStat. Police departments and prosecutors' offices across the country have implemented GunStat programs, which provide real-time information to police and prosecutors about felony gun cases as they progress through the criminal justice system.

Tammy Brown, Senior Policy Advisor, and John Skinner, Site Liaison and Subject Matter Expert, with the Bureau of Justice Assistance will discuss the evolution of CitiStat to GunStat, as well as GunStat processes and results in Baltimore, Maryland.

This webinar is intended for jurisdictions across the country that are seeking to implement or improve an existing GunStat program to address precipitous increases in gun crime.

Event is a virtual webinar
Washington, DC 20036
United States
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