Training Delivery - Webinar

Don't Gamble with Counterfeit Auto Parts

Some of the most dangerous counterfeits involve explosive elements of automotive airbags, which can literally explode in the victim's face during a low impact car accident. Join the Automotive Anti-Counterfeiting Council (A2C2) and learn how the members of the association can assist law enforcement with intellectual property investigations. Law enforcement has identified a trend of counterfeited automotive parts growing at an alarming rate. The Automotive Anti-Counterfeiting Council members include: Ford, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Stellantis, Subaru, Toyota, and VW Group of America.

Presented by,
Thomas H. Kipelius, Brand Protection Investigator, Stellantis

Ghost Guns: Past, Present, and Future

The NYPDs Major Case Field Intelligence Team is responsible for investigations related to Ghost Guns in New York City. The team has been conducting these investigations for nearly four years and have developed several proactive investigative models in conjunction with their partners in the Manhattan District Attorneys Office. During this presentation, attendees will be taught the basics on ghost guns and the various ways that they can be manufactured. That first portion of the presentation will lead into a discussion on what would be involved in starting up a proactive Ghost Gun investigative program. Finally, Manhattan Ghost Gun prosecutor ADA Bonnie Seok from the Manhattan District Attorneys Office will discuss the general topic from a prosecutors point of view and speak about some of the success stories her office has had working with the Major Case Team.

Presented by:

Bonnie Seok, Assistant District Attorney

John Uske, Detective, New York Police Department
Michael Billotto, Detective, New York Police Department

Investigating Crypto Investment Fraud: Pig Butchering

Departments nationwide are being inundated with reports of cryptocurrency facilitate crimes, specifically investment fraud. This webinar would cover the fundamentals of investigating fake cryptocurrency exchanges and "pig butchering". Attendees will understand the various ways these fraudulent services, such as DeFi "wallet drains". From taking the initial report and furthering the investigation, this webinar covers best practices. Blockchain analytic tools will be utilized in real world scenarios, as well as other OSINT investigative techniques for the various ways these criminals defraud their victims.

Presented by:
Keven Hendricks, Detective, City of New Brunswick Police Department

Falling Behind: The Digital Evidence Surge

Join us for an essential conversation with two veteran law enforcement leaders as we explore the evolving challenges faced by law enforcement related to the ever-increasing amount, and complexity of digital evidence available in a typical investigation.

Hear how agencies can adapt to keep pace with the constant digital expansion within law enforcement investigations. Do not miss the opportunity to participate in this important discussion.

Presented by:
Ashan M. Benedict, Executive Assistant Chief of Police, Metropolitan Police Department and Christian Quinn, Major (Ret.) Fairfax County (VA) Police Department

Moderated by:
Lt. Colonel James J. Emerson, USMC (Ret.) Vice President, NW3C.

Handling Sensitive Investigations in Rural Communities: Sexual Assault and Intimate Partner Violence Cases Webinar

On Thursday, August 17, at 2:00pm ET, the Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance’s (BJA’s) Rural Violent Crime Reduction Initiative (RVCRI) is hosting a webinar addressing strategies for handling sensitive investigations, such as sexual assault and intimate partner violence, in rural communities, best practices, and lessons learned.

Attendees will hear from Brian Eads, Investigator at the Gering, NE Police Department and Michael Tunink, Senior Criminal Attorney at the Coconino County, AZ County Attorney’s Office. During the event, attendees will:

Ensuring Ethical Preservation and Protection of Victims' Rights in Capital Punishment Cases: Model Practices

This webinar and accompanying checklist will provide the prosecutors the tools to examine ethical issues in capital punishment cases. It will describe ways to ethically preserve and protect victim rights while prosecuting a capital punishment case. Model practice recommends considering surviving victims' rights without sacrificing a prosecutor's obligations when trying a death penalty case.

Developments and Trends of 2023 Cyber Attacks to Public Safety

The Public Safety Threat Alliance Intelligence team will present our observations and assessments on the trends and developments of cyber activity targeting public safety. We will breakdown the specific tradecraft mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK matrix, and detail how threat actors have been adapting to continue to be successful in 2023.

Presented by:
Tyler Brodbeck, Threat Intelligence Manager, Motorola Solutions
Travis Randall, Senior Threat Intelligence Analyst, Motorola Solutions

Increasing Law Enforcement Effectiveness in Human Trafficking and Migrant Victimization from the Survivor's Perspective

Reports of suspected child sexual exploitation increased 35 percent from 2020 to 2021, according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The network estmates that there are over 13,000 illicit massage parlors. Due to cultural stigmas, ethnic communities often fail to report these crimes making it harder to identify victims. The purpose of this presentation is to address the impact of cultural competency in victim services through understanding different cultural needs and beliefs, and how to serve child and youth victims and their families from these communities more effectively, using case studies.

Objective 1: Identifying migrant victimization.
Objective 2: Understanding different cultural beliefs among different races and ethnicities.
Objective 3: Enhancing effective culturally and linguistically sensitive and survivor-centered approaches.

Presented by:
Eileen Dong, Executive Director, Hope Pyx Global

Justice Clearinghouse Webinar: Rural Violent Crime Reduction Initiative: Diminishing Crime, One Community at a Time

Violent crime is on the rise in many jurisdictions, including rural communities. Rural law enforcement agencies are left to tackle these issues, often with a decreasing tax base, personnel shortages, expansive geographic territory, and lack of access to medical treatment that can make violent crimes more fatal than in urban settings.

Advanced Dark Web Investigations

This webinar will cover the various dark nets: TOR, I2P, ZeroNet, IPFS, LokiNet and explain the differences between them. Attendees will learn about various investigative methods to different elements of criminality that exist on these dark nets. A very cursory overview of cryptocurrencies will be covered and how the cryptocurrencies are the cornerstone of dark web commerce as well as the best investigative leads.

Presented by:
Keven Hendricks, Detective, City of New Brunswick Police Department