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Social Media and Online Investigations: Identifying Unknown Individuals

This training is intended for U.S. Criminal Justice Practitioners. Please register using your agency-issued email.

Your team, your tools, or your client may locate a social media user of interest or concern. Your analysis of the profile may become challenging if the user does not reveal their real identify. The presenter will discuss how to harness the Internet to identify the person or group behind a username. The presentation will include real case examples to demonstrate successful workflows. Learning objectives outline useful steps for identifying who is behind a username, explore case examples to retain those steps, and Introduce future challenges.

Presented by:
Megan Munoz, Director of Education and Knowledge Management, Hetherington Group

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Investigations: Beyond the Basics

Building upon the previous cryptocurrency webinar, "Bitcoin 101: What Are Cryptocurrency and Blockchain All About?" presented by Cobwebs, this webinar will introduce investigative techniques to show how open-source information can be leveraged to attribute identities to wallets and addresses. This webinar will also briefly demonstrate the OSINT and cryptocurrency analysis capabilities of Cobwebs.

ICAC UC Chat Techniques Tips and Tricks

This training is intended for U.S. Criminal Justice Practitioners. Please register using your agency-issued email.

Undercover chat investigations are used to help intercept child predators from victimizing children in our communities. In this webinar, we will provide an overview of the chat techniques used in child exploitation cases. We will cover different apps that were used and how they assisted in identifying the targets and discuss some of the interview techniques that helped lead to confessions.

*This webinar is not a replacement for the ICAC UC Chat Investigations Course.

Presented by:
Moe McClanahan, High-Tech Crime Specialist, NW3C
Robert Leazenby, High-Tech Crimes Specialist Supervisor, NW3C
Brent Metcalfe, High-Tech Crime Specialist, NW3C

Nutrition Status Check: Dietary Supplements for the Criminal Justice Professional

In this webinar, you will learn what dietary supplements are, what supplements can be helpful and which ones are risky or just a waste of money, supplements for different life stages and conditions, and where and how to buy quality supplements.

Presented by:
Rana Parker, MPH, RDN Dietitian Nutritionist, Los Angeles Police Department

Rural Violent Crime Reduction Initiative Solicitation Webinar - November 2022

The RVCRI Solicitation Webinar will provide details and guidance to eligible applicants on the RVCRI Microgrant Program. The RVCRI is a competitive microgrant program, funded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance, supporting rural law enforcement agencies addressing violent crime challenges. Microgrants can support various aspects of policing including improving investigations, implementing violent crime reduction strategies, and enhancing collaboration between local stakeholders. Awards are competitive in nature and can range from $25,000 - $150,000.

Parallel Investigation Techniques

This webinar will show how parallel investigation techniques commence with a review of tactics and strategies that can be introduced in related fraud enquires. The importance protecting the tradecraft deployed and the use of open and closed source research will be discussed to include comparable techniques used in covert sensitive investigations. Money laundering utilizing virtual, or cryptocurrency will be featured to examine current tradecraft. Additionally, this presentation will include discussion of the impact on not-for-profits as well as a look at mortgage fraud. Supporting case studies will highlight the merit of covert/sensitive law enforcement investigative techniques. The presentation will emphasize the link between tax avoidance, money laundering, and terrorist funding. Finally, proper legislation and an effective suspicious transaction reporting process will complete the program.

Data Validation of Digital Forensic Evidence

Is information from mobile extractions, Cloud Source and Google Timeline a solid piece of evidence? In this webinar, we will see how to make your digital evidence become a strong basis for courtroom testimony when validated with phone records, cell coverage, and other sources. Prove your data and set a solid foundation for justice.

Presented by:
Nicola Chermello, CEO and Co-Founder of SecurCube

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AirTags and Tracking Technology: Investigative and Legal Perspectives

This webinar will examine the investigative and legal considerations related to tracking technology, and the impact of ultra-wideband location networks such as Apple AirTags and other similar emerging technologies. We will use case analysis to illustrate key questions and considerations for both investigators and prosecutors given the increasing criminal use of this technology and proactive use during investigations.

Presented by:
Justin Fitzsimmons, Associate Vice President, NW3C
Jim Emerson, Vice President, NW3C