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CJI The Methamphetamine Challenge for Law Enforcement Executives ONLINE (Jan 2014)

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Law enforcement executives must make critical decisions to address the spread of methamphetamine in their communities. This online course provides an overview of the illicit methamphetamine problem from a management perspective. Methamphetamine lab hazards, manufacturing methods, OSHA regulations, equipment, training needs, and reporting issues are emphasized to assist law enforcement executives and local municipal officials to effectively combat methamphetamine production and abuse in their communities.

Money Laundering Investigations For Agents, Supervisors and Prosecutors

What do drug traffickers, terrorists, corrupt officials, embezzlers, con artists and members of organized crime have in common? They all need to disguise the origins of money obtained through illegal activities so it looks like it was obtained from legitimate sources. Otherwise, they can't use the money because it would connect them to the criminal activity, and law-enforcement officials would seize it.