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Jennifer Zeunik Consulting, LLC

JZC was created to provide organizational and strategic business services to criminal justice (and related) organizations. JZC focuses on justice policy research, program management, strategy development, publications development, training and technical assistance management, business development and organizational assessment. 

Opportunity Institute

A female led, hard-working consulting firm based in metropolitan Washington, D.C. dedicated to improving opportunities for America's most vulnerable communities, families, and children through evidence-based capacity building techniques.  Established in 2010, the Opportunity Institute hits the ground running with a direct approach to finding proven solutions to societies most protracted challenges such community violence, poverty, poor educational options, etc. Large scale solutions, strategic planning and project managing are offered to clients.

Christopher Bruce

Christopher Bruce has served in the crime analysis field since 1994, when he began as an intern

at the Cambridge (MA) Police Department. He became a full-time analyst in Cambridge in 1997 and

moved to the Danvers (MA) Police Department in 2001, where he remained until 2011.

During his periods at Cambridge and Danvers, he was a founding member of the Massachusetts

Association of Crime Analysts, the first vice president (1997-2000), and the president from 2000 to

Greer and Associates

Anti-Trafficking Research, Training & Program Development Manager.  I am an expert in legal/legislative consultation, program development, and execution of technical and soft-skills anti-trafficking training programs.  These programs can be tailored for law enforcement or civilian use. Skilled at managing and instructing law enforcement and policy makers on how to enhance their anti-trafficking laws to protect vulnerable populations, identify survivors, and prosecute traffickers.

Center for Enhancing Organizational Learning and Development, LLC

CEOLdevelopment provides organizational development and management solutions business consultant services: leadership assessment, organizational culture assessment and development, performance improvement, HR audit and reorganization, analyze and retool workplace systems, program reengineering, executive coaching, and training and organizational development programs.

The CNA Corporation

At CNA, we analyze and solve problems by getting as close as possible to the people, the data – and the problems themselves – in order to find the clear, credible answers government leaders need to choose the best course of action.

Active BJA Funded Project(s):

  • FY 18 Field Inittiated - CAT 2
  • FY 2018 Project Safe Neighborhoods National Training and Technical Assistance Program
  • BJA PSP FY 2018 Supplement
  • Strategies for Policing Innovation Technical Assistance Program
  • Body-Worn Camera Training and Technical Assistance Provider