Task Force

Webinar - Effective Mechanisms for Violent Gang Task Force Management

This webinar, sponsored by the Bureau of Justice Assistance, will focus on the importance of leveraging multijurisdictional criminal justice partnerships. It will also explore how to gain and sustain agency support of the task force’s mission. The discussion will include best practices for hiring and training task force personnel and how to identify the type of experts who should be sought when developing a violent gang task force. In addition, ways to identify major violent street gangs and how to target specific community needs in combating gang violence will be discussed.

FY 2018 Enhanced Collaborative Model Task Force to Combat Human Trafficking: Pre-Application Webinar

This webinar will provide information about the purpose, scope, and requirements of the Office for Victims of Crime/Bureau of Justice Assistance Enhanced Collaborative Model Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force program and will provide information to applicants on how to apply for funding.

Operations Planning and Confidential Source Management (March 2018)

The Bureau of Justice Assistance's Center for Task Force Training Program's "Operations Planning and Confidential Source Management" March 2 webinar will discuss why it is important to assess and manage risk and will explore the unique risks, dynamics, and options involved in field operations. In addition, it will explain how the roles of the task force commander, unit supervisors, and task force members contribute to maintaining the safety and integrity of a successful task force.