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Webinar: State and Local Government Cyber Threat Landscape

Cybersecurity is a rapidly evolving and changing landscape that is difficult for anyone to keep up with, let alone the already over-stretched justice professional. The numbers involved in the all-too-frequent announcements about hacking and breaches are staggering.

Webinar - Keeping Out of Trouble: Universal Questions & Decision Making Model for Ethical and Lawful Policing

Decisionmaking in law enforcement training is often a "do what I tell you to do" process. Little consideration goes into teaching someone how to think. Even less time is spent on deconstructing the decisionmaking process through a critical thinking evaluation.

Additionally, there are times when officers attempt to mitigate a problem and decide to act because they are there, but may lack the legal authority to act.

Attendees of this thoughtful webinar will be introduced to:

Justice Clearinghouse Webinar - Crime Gun Investigative Cycle

Since 1999, from across the country, approximately 3 million images of cartridge cases and bullets have been collected from crime scenes or test-fired guns have been uploaded into the National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN), which allows for the capture and comparison of these ballistic images. When used to its fullest potential, NIBIN can generate timely investigative leads by linking crimes that may have otherwise gone unconnected.