Webinar - Your Story, Your Time: Elevating Your Social Media Presence in the Digital Age

Tuesday Sep 10, 2019 - 03:00pm to 04:00pm EDT
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Social media has leveled the playing field for law enforcement agencies to retake control of the narrative of who they are, why they serve, and what they do. But being able to engage with your digital audience goes beyond just posting information about your agency – you must find ways to engage, converse, and connect. But how do you do that, and more importantly, why should you do it? The task of tackling your digital presence cannot just fall to anyone. Agencies must learn who can become their “voice” online, how that personality translates into real-life experiences, and most importantly, why that matters in an age when the world turns to the Internet first for stories, news, and more.

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Justice Clearinghouse
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