Webinar - Recruiting a Diverse Police Force: Insights and Action Items from a 21-City Study

Tuesday Sep 24, 2019 - 01:00pm to 02:00pm EDT
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Attracting great candidates from diverse backgrounds is crucial to building law enforcement agencies that can serve communities effectively and build trust among residents. To make an impact today, many agencies are in need of a different set of solutions that can correctly identify and convert latent interest from prospective applicants.

In this webinar, we share the results of empirical studies with 21 U.S. jurisdictions to understand the motivations of those currently in the police force and to apply lessons from the science of human decisionmaking to the process of attracting and recruiting new police officers. From deciding to express interest in a job, to showing up for testing, to assessing candidates fairly, the recruitment process involves a number of decision points that can make or break successful hiring.

Through this webinar, attendees will:

  • Receive a brief theoretical overview of behavioral science, and how it can be applied in the field;
  • Gain practical tips on how behavioral insights can be used by law enforcement agencies to attract more diverse candidates and reduce dropout rates in the recruitment process; and
  • Understand how randomized controlled trials can be used to test the effectiveness of making small, behavioral changes to recruitment processes.
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Justice Clearinghouse
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