Webinar: Networks of Criminals (NOC) Youth Offender Program - IACA Innovations in Crime Analysis Award Winner

Friday Jan 26, 2018 - 02:00pm to 04:00pm EST
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The Networks of Criminals (NOC) Youth Offender Program is an innovative offender-based strategy and intelligence process that utilizes an algorithmic methodology to identify youth offenders and their social networks currently impacting Milwaukee’s motor vehicle theft and robbery trends. NOC offenders are identified every week using a unique methodology for the comparative analysis of up to 500 emerging or perpetual like-offenders based on their 1) criminal history, 2) threat assessment, and 3) social network analysis. An intelligence product, referred to as the NOC Youth Offender List, is then updated and disseminated every week departmentwide, as well as to local and federal law enforcement partners across southeastern Wisconsin. The objective of this product is to disrupt the criminal activity of these large and evolving networks using the rapid apprehension of wanted subjects, targeted police contacts, thorough prosecution, and intelligence collection and sharing.

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International Association of Crime Analysts
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