Webinar - Evidence-Based Policing: A Practical Approach

Tuesday Nov 27, 2018 - 01:00pm to 02:00pm EST
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Everyone agrees that police policies, programs, and decisions should be based on the best available evidence. However, what counts as evidence and whether that includes experience and professional judgment isn’t always clear.

To help sort this out, the National Institute of Justice is developing a framework for evidence-based policing that is rigorous and yet practical. It identifies the kinds of data, analysis, research, and evidence that any law enforcement agency should want to have – not just for appearances, but to be as effective as possible, given the real-world constraints that agencies and their leaders must always consider.

  • Attendees will gain a clear understanding of evidence-based policing, including its limitations.
  • Attendees will learn why data and analysis are the foundations of evidence-based policing, key to identifying and understanding problems both inside the organization and in the community.
  • Attendees will learn why it is important to evaluate policies and programs, current ones as well as new ones, in order to make continuous improvement a reality.
  • Attendees will learn where to look for credible information about what works for reducing crime, enhancing public trust, improving officer safety and wellness, and other key policing outcomes.
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Justice Clearinghouse
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