Survive & Thrive Fundamentals: Protecting You and Your Fellow Officers

Thursday Mar 14, 2019 - 08:00am to 05:00pm EDT
Event Description: 

This VALOR Officer Safety and Wellness Program training, offered as a one-day course, provides officers at all levels with exactly that — the essentials to survive and thrive — by stressing the importance of being physically and mentally prepared, maintaining situational awareness, combating complacency, and remaining vigilant. Participants will hear from law enforcement experts on:

  • Causes of officer assaults, injuries, and deaths;
  • Safety and preparedness mind-set;
  • Physical health;
  • Officer-citizen encounters;
  • Mitigating stress;
  • Weapon concealment;
  • Intentional wellness mind-set;
  • Surviving an assault;
  • Casualty care and rescue tactics;
  • Personal protective factors;
  • Deaths not associated with assaults;
  • Vehicle safety; and
  • Officer survivor story.

Additional topics covered throughout the course include professionalism, leadership, and critical decisionmaking.

Athens, GA
United States
Program Areas: