Reconsidering a Famous Crime: What if the Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman Murders Happened in 2023?

Thursday Jun 08, 2023 - 01:00pm to 02:30pm UTC
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O.J. Simpson was charged and acquitted with murdering two persons in a widely televised, 9-month jury trial, following a violent attack in June 1994. He was then found liable for their wrongful death in a later civil trail. This presentation will first provide an overview of the trial evidence and identify investigative challenges with this case. Then the presenter, an experienced former federal prosecutor who was not involved in the trials, will describe the present and emerging high technology and digital evidence that might be available if the same crime happened in 2023. The presentation will explore new ways to investigate and prosecute violent crimes and murders using a new functional approach to high technology, digital evidence, and criminal trade craft. The presentation will discuss new ways to use Internet of Things evidence, wearable fitness devices, smart homes, smartphones, identifying suspects, offender interviewing, and other potential sources of evidence for successful investigations and winning trials. Presented by: Steven DeBrota, Vice President, Chief Counsel, NW3C

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