Overcoming Victim/Witness Intimidation & Gaining Cooperation in Investigations Webinar

Tuesday Aug 01, 2017 - 02:00pm to 03:30pm EDT
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The Police Foundation's National Resource and Technical Assistance Center for Improving Law Enforcement Investigations (NRTAC) will be hosting an upcoming webinar, “Overcoming Victim/Witness Intimidation & Gaining Cooperation in Investigations.”

Nationally recognized Los Angeles, California Police Department (LAPD) Homicide Detective John Skaggs (Retired) will share strategies and practical tips for investigators to help them improve victim/witness cooperation and effectively address victim/witness intimidation. Detective Skaggs recently retired after serving more than 30 years with the LAPD and being featured in the book Ghettoside: A True Story of Murder in America, by Dr. Jill Leovy. This NRTAC webinar is highly recommended and designed for any law enforcement agency dealing with victim/witness cooperation and intimidation and those experiencing precipitous increases in violent and other serious crimes.

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Sarah Solano
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