Identify, Investigate, Recover Digital Cash, and Prosecute Money Laundering Crimes

Wednesday Jun 15, 2022 - 11:00am to 12:15pm UTC
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Todays law enforcement agencies are facing a financial crimes epidemic. Millions of consumers are victims of credit card fraud and ID theft each year resulting in the loss of billions. Human traffickers, fuel thieves, and drug dealers are laundering money using prepaid cards, cash applications, and other digital currencies. The magnitude of the problem is overwhelming and when coupled with the effort involved to work those cases, many agencies choose to let them pass. They do not understand the problem, let alone how to analyze these cases and prosecute the individuals who perpetrated the crime. Agencies have been slow to make progress, but it do not have to be this way. Join us to hear ERAD Chief Operating Officer, Steve Beckerman, provide insights on the latest trends in payment card, cash app, and digital currency money laundering and important interdiction techniques to help you better apprehend, prosecute, and convict more criminals.

5000 NASA Boulevard, Suite 2400
Richmond, VA 23230
United States
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