The Effectiveness of Treatment for Adult Sex Offenders

Monday Oct 19, 2015 - 02:00pm to 03:30pm EDT
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Therapeutic interventions aimed at reducing the likelihood of reoffending are a staple of contemporary sex offender management practice. While there is strong scientific evidence that therapeutic interventions work for criminal offenders overall, the effectiveness of treatment for sex offenders has been subject to debate. This uncertainty about the effectiveness of treatment for sexual offenders arguably is due to several factors, including measurement shortcomings and inconsistent research findings. Both the quality of the evidence and the pattern of findings from research, however, have changed in recent years. This webinar addresses the effectiveness of treatment for adult sexual offenders. It is based on a review of the scientific evidence on treatment effectiveness from both individual studies and synthesis research. Important considerations for interpreting the scientific evidence, findings from key studies, and the policy and practice implications that emerge from the evidence all will be discussed. Knowledge gaps that emerge from a review of the evidence and pressing needs for future research also will be highlighted.


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