CJI Methamphetamine Investigations ONLINE (Feb 2014)

Monday Feb 03, 2014 - 01:00pm CST to Friday Feb 21, 2014 - 10:00pm CST
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COURSE DESCRIPTION: This 14-hour in-depth online course is designed to assist law enforcement in conducting safe and effective methamphetamine related investigations. The course begins with an overview of methamphetamine and basic recognition of clandestine laboratories. Being able to identify the types of chemicals, equipment, and supplies will enable officers to recognize meth labs. Being able to distinguish among methamphetamine lab types and stages is important for safety and gathering evidence. Becoming familiar with methamphetamine production methods will also help officers identify the stage of the cook. Topics cover the entire investigation process of methamphetamine cases, including use of confidential informants, undercover investigations, knock and talks, search warrants, drug trafficking organizations, and drug endangered children. Officers completing Methamphetamine Investigations Online will be able to: • Identify clandestine methamphetamine labs and safely investigate • Recognize common manufacturing methods and associated hazards • Effectively use undercover techniques and informants • Prepare cases for successful prosecution • Recognize special issues concerning children exposed to methamphetamine • Use appropriate techniques for investigating methamphetamine possession, manufacturing, and distribution Methamphetamine Investigations Online includes a specific breakdown of the types of methamphetamine labs and the stages of the cook, using simple drawings and diagrams coupled with audio explanations – all designed to assure understanding of basic chemistry and processes. Officers report added confidence when testifying in methamphetamine related cases as a result of completing this training. Videos are included to illustrate valuable skills such as conducting knock and talks and traffic stops. Quizzes throughout the course create opportunities for review and retention of key concepts. Sample forms used to appropriately document work with confidential informants are included as downloadable documents. This course was originally developed for Arkansas law enforcement officers so references to Arkansas are still included in the course content. PREREQUISITES/EQUIPMENT: None

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