CenTF Multijurisdictional Task Force Commanders Training (Sept 2019, Alabama)

Thursday Sep 26, 2019 (All day) to Friday Sep 27, 2019 (All day)
Event Description: 

The Bureau of Justice Assistance’s Center for Task Force Training (CenTF) Program offers the classroom-based “Task Force Commanders Training” through a two-day onsite training. This training covers a variety of topics designed to assist task force commanders and other law enforcement leaders in making appropriate decisions regarding task force administration and operations planning and management. The goal of the training is to empower task force decisionmakers with knowledge and tools for proactive planning strategies to effectively and ethically make cases, while increasing safety to the agents and the community.

Topics covered in this training include the following:

  • Task Force Leadership,
  • Policies and Procedures,
  • Personnel and Training,
  • Operational Planning,
  • Confidential Informant Management,
  • Risk Management, and
  • Managing Critical Incidents.

For any questions about the training, please contact CenTF.

Columbiana, AL
United States
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