Advanced Digital Investigations: Finding Evidence for Solving Violent Crimes

Thursday Jun 10, 2021 - 01:00pm to 02:30pm EDT
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This webinar presented by subject matter experts will cover the skills necessary to perform advanced cyber investigations using legal, open source, and closed source data. Attendees will learn the concepts and possibilities on how to identify those committing the most heinous crimes. Presenters will discuss

  • A range of techniques for finding criminals, from obtaining more evidence to looking through the eyes of the criminals and discovering how they chose and researched their victims.
  • What can be done for crimes committed in public and private spaces.
  • Solutions for finding those selling opioids on the dark web through good old-fashioned police work. 
  • The interconnections between legal returns, open source, and closed source information by examining each and then walking through case studies where the methods were applied.
  • Techniques for unmasking people who are using VPNs, TOR, encrypted email services, sock-puppet accounts, and more, followed by a conversation on the way of solving an investigation through the eyes and actions of a criminal, from before and after he/she committed the act.
  • A roadmap on how to complete these tasks efficiently and cost-effectively while protecting the civil rights of those law enforcement are committed to safeguarding.

The National Child Protection Task Force provides ongoing consultation, assistance, and guidance as needed to implement this training. The webinar is for executives and investigators from senior cyber and homicide investigators to new investigators, prosecutors, analysts, supervisors, and everyone in between.

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Damita Jones
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