Healing to Wellness Court presentations at the American Indian Justice Conference 2017

The Tribal Law and Policy Institute will present two workshops at the 2017 American Indian Justice Conference (AIJC), hosted by the National American Indian Court Judges Association. The 2017  AIJC also serves as the host conference for the 2017 Coordinated Tribal Assistance Solicitation orientation. The two workshops will include the "Healing to Wellness Court Key Components" and "Family Healing to Wellness Courts."

2017 Tribal Healing to Wellness Court Enhancement Training

The 2017 Tribal Healing to Wellness Court Enhancement Training is the preeminent national training opportunity for tribal problem-solving courts. Like national and regional drug court trainings, the Wellness Court Enhancement Training will be oriented around the 10 key components and the National Association of Drug Court Professionals' National Drug Court Standards.

National Forum on Criminal Justice (July - Aug 2017)

Sponsored by the National Criminal Justice Association, the Justice Research and Statistics Association, and the IJIS Institute, the National Forum on Criminal Justice showcases programs, research, and technologies that help justice practitioners and decisionmakers in states, local communities, and tribal nations address pressing public safety issues. It is the only criminal justice conference that brings together leaders from federal, state, local, and tribal government and the public and private sector to share real world strategies and solutions from around the country.

Tribal Workshops at the 2017 NADCP Conference

The Tribal Law and Policy Institute (TLPI) will present two to five workshops at the 2017 National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP) Annual Conference. In addition, TLPI will facilitate the Tribal Nations Forum, participate in several technical assistance and national advisory meetings, and meet with individual Tribal Healing to Wellness Courts in attendance that request one-on-one meetings.

Workshops at the Arizona Problem Solving Courts Conference

As part of the Tribal Law and Policy Institute's (TLPI) grant objective to present at regional and statewide drug court conferences, TLPI will present three workshops at the Arizona Association of Drug Court Professionals Problem-Solving Courts Conference: Relapse Prevention and After Care, Tribal-State Court Collaboration, and Incorporating Custom into Healing to Wellness Court.

ASC 2016 Panels and Roundtable

One key goal of the BJA Smart Policing Initiative is improvement in the rigor with which policing strategies and innovations are evaluated. This roundtable discussion will focus on the research methodologies employed in several Smart Policing sites, the challenges encountered with implementing sound research designs in operational settings, and the ways in which the Smart Policing sites are meeting and overcoming these challenges.