Tribal Justice Agencies

Webinar – “Police Report Writing in Tribal Domestic and Sexual Assault Cases”

Join TA2TA on September 21, 2020 for their free law enforcement training on “Police Report Writing in Tribal Domestic and Sexual Violence Cases.” Dr. James D. Diamond, Dean of Academic Affairs at the National Tribal Trial College, will provide practical tips on documenting witness and suspect statements, overcoming hearsay, and diagramming the crime scene to increase successful prosecution and conviction rates. This one-hour course is sponsored by the U.S.

Technical Detection Methods for Insider Risk Mitigation Part 2

Effective insider risk mitigation requires the collection, aggregation, and analysis of data from a multitude of data sources within an organization. In this webinar, the presenter will provide an overview of the current state of the practice in technical detection methods for insider risk mitigation and present strategies organizations can use to protect their critical assets from insider misuse. 

Presented by Dan Costa, Technical Manager, CERT National Insider Threat Center

Building an Effective Insider Risk Management Program Part 1

This session will discuss strategies for building, implementing, and operating an effective insider risk management program that is integrated into an organization-wide enterprise risk management strategy. Best practices will be discussed addressing prevention, detection, investigation, and response strategies to reduce the risk of malicious and non-malicious insiders impacting the critical assets of your organization. 

Presented by Randy Trzeciak, Director National Insider Threat Center; CERT Division, Software Engineering Institute

Webinar: “Using Data and Performance Measurement to Improve Criminal Justice Outcomes”

The criminal justice system in the United States produces vast amounts of data daily. However, these data are rarely used by agencies beyond the tracking of individual cases. Measures for Justice (MFJ) has developed a system that leverages the data already collected by local agencies to assess the health of the criminal justice system at the county level. This webinar will discuss the importance of using data to identify problematic patterns that need correction as well as best practices that could be replicated.

Webinar: “Trauma—Getting off the Emotional X”

Most officers know the expression “get off the X,” the idea that remaining in one spot during a gunfight cannot only be dangerous, it can be deadly. This webinar will assist participants in addressing the after-effects of job exposure to violence. “Getting off the emotional X” (a phrase coined by Dr. Olivia Johnson) is the idea that staying in a place of emotional conflict and turmoil can increase the likelihood of negative outcomes. Operating in this emotionally turbulent state can become habitual.

Deciphering Cryptocurrency: A Technical and Criminal Law Approach

Starting with a basic overview of cryptocurrencies, this webinar will focus on some of the more technical aspects of the crypto industry. Additionally, this webinar will look at criminals' abilities to use cryptocurrency, the potential future of crypto, and considerations for how to seize cryptocurrency as part of criminal investigations.

Intelligence Sharing: Effectively Combat Money Laundering

Laundering being missed? Law enforcement and government agencies globally have examples of intelligence failures that could have led to offenders being brought to justice earlier if relevant data had been shared between partners. In this webinar, the presenter will discuss whether there are means of more effectively sharing intelligence to fight financial crime and criminals.

DFIR Dictionary Part 1

Merriam-Webster is our go-to source for thousands of definitions. Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) use terms that are not typically defined in mainstream dictionaries. A quick review of any common listserve reveals a lexicon of hundreds, if not thousands, of unique terms and words. This webinar series will start with the most basic of DFIR definitions and build upon them. The webinar content will be rooted in empirical facts with a misting of industry history and professional experiences.

IA102 Introduction to Link Analysis (Sept. 1, 2020, Virtual)

This course introduces analysts to the broader concepts of connecting the dots through link analysis. A critical portion of conducting a successful analytical investigation is the ability to link together and understand the complexities of the connectedness between people and organizations. Introduction to Link Analysis (ILA) expands on the basic principles of link and association analyses explored in the Foundations of Intelligence Analysis Training (FIAT) while building a framework for more advanced methods such as social network analysis. 

Webinar: “Preventing Law Enforcement Suicide: Strategies for Effective and Positive Messaging”

Messaging is an important component of suicide prevention efforts. The way a police agency talks about suicide has a significant impact in preventing suicide and encouraging help-seeking behavior for those who may be in crisis. Join the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the Education Development Center, and the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention on August 27, 2020 from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 pm EST for a webinar on strategies for effective and positive messaging for law enforcement.