Justice Information Sharing

CyberSecurity 110 - Understanding Digital Footprints (Oct 2017)

This course introduces learners to the concept of digital footprints and best practices in protecting personally identifiable information. Topics include:

  • Limiting an individual's digital footprint;
  • Protecting privacy on social media;
  • The consequences of oversharing personal information; and
  • Steps to take after becoming a target of doxxing.

Cyber Investigation 156 - Post Seizure Evidentiary Concerns - LC6 WB (Oct 2017)

In contrast to the other courses in this series, which deal primarily with the acquisition of digital evidence, "Cyber Investigation 156 - Post Seizure Evidentiary Concerns" (LC6WB) addresses legal issues that appear relatively late in the investigative and judicial process. Topics include:

Cyber Investigation 155 - Online Undercover - LC5WB

November 1 - November 30, 2017- 12 am to 12 pm - This course provides a legal overview of what investigators are and are not permitted to do while conducting online undercover investigations. Topics include terms of service, entrapment and outrageous government misconduct, and wiretapping law as it relates to the recording and documenting of online activities. This course also covers defense strategies commonly used to counter online undercover investigations.

Cyber Investigation 154 - The Stored Communications Act - LC4 Web-based (Oct 2017)

"Cyber Investigation 154 - The Stored Communications Act" (LC4WB) introduces the Stored Communications Act (SCA), emphasizing how this federal law can be useful to state and local law enforcement personnel who need information from online service providers. The course summarizes the various sections of the SCA, and explains how it fits into the larger legal landscape. Topics include the legal process necessary to obtain various types of information from online service providers, as well as tools for law enforcement, such as preservation letters and delayed notice.

Cyber Investigation 153 - LC3 Searching Without A Warrant Web-based (Oct 2017)

"Cyber Investigation 153 - Searching Without A Warrant" (LC3WB) provides legal information on situations involving digital evidence in which the Fourth Amendment does not apply. Topics include reasonable expectation of privacy in a digital context, private searches, “reasonable” government searches, and searches with consent. LC3WB is the third of seven modules in the training series Legal Concerns for Digital Evidence Responders. It can be completed as a standalone course or in combination with the other six modules.

Tor, Onion Routers, Deepnet, and Darknet: A Deep Dive for Criminal Investigators (Dec 2017)

Many criminal investigators and analysts have heard of virtual private networks, proxies, and Tor. But, most would not feel comfortable conducting an investigation in which one of these tools was deployed. Similarly, both the Deepnet and Darknet are widely discussed but often not understood. At the same time, criminal investigators and analysts increasingly are required to conduct investigations and collect criminal intelligence information in these spaces or when these tools are being used.

The Opioid and Fentanyl Crisis: Drug Investigations and the Link to the Dark Web

This webinar is intended for LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS who are either engaged, or looking to be engaged, in cyber drug investigations. Please register using your agency-issued email.

This webinar will discuss the current opioid/fentanyl crisis from a cyber perspective, providing information to enhance the effectiveness of federal, state, and local law enforcement investigations. In this webinar, students will learn: