How can implementing agencies benefit from an overdose reversal program using naloxone?

First and foremost, an overdose reversal program offers a potential lifesaving opportunity. Additionally, individual officers have cited improved job satisfaction rooted in an improved ability to “do something” at the scene of an overdose. Law enforcement agencies that have implemented an overdose reversal program report improved community relations, leading to better intelligence-gathering capabilities. Similarly, collaboration between law enforcement, public health, drug treatment, and other sectors on law enforcement overdose response initiatives lead to improved cross-agency communication, and helps take a public health approach to drug abuse.


New York Department of Criminal Justice Services Officer Interview

May, 2014
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New York Police Department (NYPD) Officers speaking of their experience using and administering naloxone to prevent fatal opioid overdoses. Film by Joshua Vinehout, NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services.

Ocean County, NJ, Police Get Drug Overdose Antidote

Feb, 2014
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Ocean County police officers learned how to administer the medication naloxone to temporarily reverse the effects of a narcotic overdose. Video courtesy of NJTV news and the Ocean County, NJ, Prosecutor's Office.