Date Change: Attend a Project Safe Neighborhoods Webinar on Targeting Offenders and Creating Targeted Offender Lists

Join Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) on April 3, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. EST for a webinar on targeting offenders and creating targeted offender lists. The webinar will feature a panel of experienced researchers and law enforcement professionals who will dive into best practices for implementation, including considering the following questions:

  • How can agencies ensure that offender lists are legally justifiable?
  • What are effective strategies for working with local community leaders on offender identification programs?
  • How can agencies use multiple data sources most effectively to inform offender identification strategies?
  • How can agencies work effectively with a research partner to expand data analysis capacity to identify offenders?
  • How can agencies ensure sufficient leadership buy-in to maintain sustainability?

Panelists will include Tom Woodmansee, a PSN law enforcement advisor, Dr. Scott Decker, law enforcement research expert, and representatives from the Tampa, Florida Police Department and the department’s research partner.

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