Webinar - Trauma-informed Care and Response: 101 Training for Justice Professionals

Thursday Jun 06, 2019 - 03:00pm to 04:00pm EDT
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People can be traumatized by many things: from natural disasters to neglect, from abuse to bullying, as well as crime. This trauma can have ripple effects throughout the person’s life, further involving the individual with the justice and/or social services systems.

Trauma-informed care is a method of working with those people who have a history of trauma and understands that trauma can continue to play a role in a person’s life long after the event has occurred. By becoming more trauma-informed or aware in our practices, justice professionals can avoid retraumatizing victims or witnesses to incidents and support their healing.

During this webinar, the presenter will discuss:

  • The impact of trauma on victims, witnesses, and justice professionals;
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences;
  • What it means to be “trauma-informed;” and
  • How to become more trauma-informed in our work, including ongoing training and policies.
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Justice Clearinghouse
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