Webinar - Mass Casualty Response Resilience/Post Action Strategic Debriefing

Wednesday May 17, 2017 - 01:00pm to 02:00pm EDT
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Working in law enforcement, while incredibly rewarding, can at times also be equally stressful.

And then, there’s events like the Pulse Nightclub Shooing in Orlando, Florida.

Or Sandy Hook Elementary, in Newtown, Connecticut.

Our immediate thoughts, of course, are with the victims and their families, and how this horrifying event will forever change their lives.

But what’s not often talked about, is how such events also impact – and continue to impact – the lives of the first responders who help the victims of these tragedies.

As shared in the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services and National Alliance on Mental Illness briefing document, Preparing for the Unimaginable“The truth, however, is that day-to-day police work includes enough stress and exposure to trauma for chiefs to be concerned about every officer’s mental wellness, whether or not you ever experience a mass casualty event.”

On Wednesday, May 17, join the Justice Clearinghouse and webinar host Amy Morgan, Director of Academy Hour, to learn:

  • key skills and ability to develop individual and team strength to be better prepared for major traumatic events,
  • how to debrief following an action,
  • and work toward healthy recovery and team cohesiveness.

Attendees will receive a downloadable PDF workbook for future post-action strategic debriefing sessions with completion of this course.


Amy Morgan is the Director of Academy Hour, a training company offering courses for professional corporations, law enforcement, and first response teams. She is earning her Doctorate of Education degree specializing in Curriculum & Training, and she holds a Master’s degree in Counseling, with a Bachelor’s of Science in Behavioral Sciences. She recently served as a contract Instructional Systems Designer and Trainer for the Federal Aviation Administration, using the Agile method of project management and software development, and for 3 years she served as the Training Officer for the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. 

Ms. Morgan is a certified trainer for Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST), and is trained as a QPR (Question Persuade Refer) trainer as well as a Crisis Prevention Institute Non-Violent Physical Crisis Intervention trainer. Additionally, she has been trained by the Oklahoma Supreme Court to serve as a civil mediator, and she has achieved Mensa membership status. 

Ms. Morgan writes/publishes therapy resource workbooks and training materials, is a subject matter expert and presenter of mental health training sessions for the Int’l Public Safety Association and the Justice Clearinghouse, and is the author of Post-Action Strategic Debriefing(c). Ms. Morgan also serves as a curriculum developer and instructor of mental health courses for the Commission on Law Enforcement Education and Training in Oklahoma.

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