Webinar - Evidence Based Best Practices for Public Safety Agencies

Wednesday Nov 01, 2017 - 01:00pm to 02:00pm EDT
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This Justice Clearinghouse webinar will examine evidence-based policy (EBP) development.

EBP is an approach that helps decisionmakers develop well-informed decisions about policies, programs, and projects by putting the best available evidence from research at the heart of policy development and implementation.

EBP has become popular among a range of policy communities, those within government agencies, research organizations, and think tanks. EBP is a discourse or set of methods which informs the processes by which policies are formulated, rather than aiming to affect the eventual goals of the policy. It advocates a more rational, rigorous, and systematic approach, and moves beyond traditional notions of research to adopt a broader understanding.


Dr. Jeff Fox served for 27 years in the field of criminal justice, 21 of which were with the Virginia State Police. He began his law enforcement career as a military policeman in the U. S. Army and served as a town police officer, trooper, sergeant, first sergeant, and lieutenant. He also served as the statewide incident management program manager for the Virginia Department of Transportation in the operations and security division. He retired as the Program Coordinator and Assistant Professor for the Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness and Criminal Justice Cohort Programs for Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). During the last 20 years, he has taught more than 400 college-level courses. He is now a public safety trainer, educator, and consultant for his company called Fox – Public Safety Training, Educating, and Consulting, LLC.

Dr. Fox earned a master’s degree in criminal justice administration from VCU. He earned a MBA degree with a specialization in criminal justice, and a Ph.D. in business administration with a specialization in homeland security from Northcentral University. As a practitioner, he was involved in the response and management of all types of events such as major disasters, including floods, hurricanes, snow/ice storms, and the largest traffic crash in Virginia history. He has also managed and responded to civil unrests, protests, a sniper attack, dignitary protection, special event planning, and many major crimes.

He teaches numerous courses at the university level dealing with risk and vulnerability assessment, along with mitigation strategies. Dr. Fox has been involved with risk assessments since before September 11. He is a Fellow with the American Board for Certification in Homeland Security and serves on their executive advisory board.

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