Webinar - An Approach to High Lethality Domestic Violence Offenders: The Accountability Court Model

Tuesday Jun 04, 2019 - 03:00pm to 04:00pm EDT
Event Description: 

In “An Approach to High Lethality Domestic Violence Offenders: The Accountability Court Model,” supervising officers, judges, and attorneys will be exposed to the important elements of risk assessment, monitoring, communication, and community stakeholders in the function of supervising high-lethality offenders in a high-lethality accountability court or on a specialized domestic violence high-risk caseload.

Course objectives include:

  • Assessment of general recidivism versus lethality risk;
  • What lethality risk factors needs to be continually monitored;
  • Components necessary for swift judicial interaction to improve behavior change;
  • Keeping victim and community safety in the forefront while safeguarding the offenders’ rights;
  • The importance of having a coordinated community response to assist with accountability supervision of high-lethality offenders.

Domestic violence is no longer an issue behind closed doors but one for the community. This workshop will illustrate the extent of domestic violence and the significance of establishing who is a high-lethality risk domestic violence offender. During this webinar, assessing significant risk factors for lethality and the need for ongoing re-evaluation will be examined, as the general criminal recidivism risk instruments do not address the domestic violence specific risk. It will highlight the importance of making local community connections to gain access to important collateral information, be able to swiftly intervene, and hold the offender accountable for his actions while safeguarding the victim and the community effectively. Lastly, the webinar will address what information enables judges to make informed decision in these cases as it pertains to the various stakeholders and their respective roles.

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Justice Clearinghouse
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