Problem Solving Courts in Arizona: A Template for Changing Behaviors

Wednesday Feb 25, 2015 - 01:00pm to 02:00pm EST
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Problem Solving Courts have been in existence in Arizona for over 20 years. Beginning with Drug Courts and evolving to a myriad of other treatment focused courts for different populations, such as Mental Health -, Veterans, DUI -and the Homeless. This webinar will give a brief history of Arizona’s Problem Solving courts as well as identify the key players - and keys to success. Additionally, the presenters will give an overview of the current state of Problem Solving Courts in Arizona, challenges faced and how to evaluate program effectiveness using best practices, national resources and -- the latest research. Lastly, the presenters will share information about the annual Problem Solving Courts conference held in Arizona each spring.

Kim MacEachern, the staff attorney at the Arizona Prosecuting Attorney’s Advisory Council provides criminal justice policy research and advocacy on behalf of the 800 state, county and municipal prosecutors. MacEachern has over 30 years in public policy work in Arizona in various subject areas, including nearly 5 years focusing on criminal justice issues. She also served as a Pro Tem judge in several municipal courts for the better part of a decade.

Susan Alameda is a graduate of Arizona State University, School of Social Work where she obtained both her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree. Ms. Alameda’s work experience spans over 15 years in the behavioral health and criminal justice systems in positions related to probation, social and behavioral health services for children, youth and families and the probation population.

Michelle Hart is a graduate of Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, and a Masters in Public Administration. Ms. Hart has been a probation officer in Coconino County, Arizona for 20 years. Ms. Hart has a variety of experience within the probation field, working with juvenile offenders, adult offenders within the Intensive Probation Unit, domestic violence offenders, sex offenders, and drug court. 

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