Justice Clearinghouse Webinar - ABCs of Tactical Emergency Medical Support: Part 2

Thursday Sep 03, 2015 - 01:00pm to 02:00pm EDT
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This educational and non-commercial webinar will cover the basics (and more) about Tactical Emergency Medical Support (TEMS). TEMS is one of the hottest topics in public safety right now, and whether you are in law enforcement, fire or EMS, there is a lot of confusion in what things mean.

This webinar will address the development of integrated medical support in law enforcement operations and the recent genesis of the Rescue Task Force.

“Always a student, never a subject matter expert”, Gorham lends his experience and thoughts to building a foundation for your understanding.

Instructor Gorham is a 25 year LEO and serves a Volunteer Intermediate Technician with a TEMS endorsement with a Volunteer Firefighter background.    

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View the recording of the “ABCs of Tactical Emergency Medical Support: Part 1” webinar.

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Justice Clearinghouse
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