JMHCP FY15 Solicitation Webinar On Specialized Law Enforcement Priority

Wednesday Mar 04, 2015 - 02:00pm to 03:30pm EST
Event Description: 

This webinar, hosted by the CSG Justice Center, is for law enforcement agencies that plan to respond apply for the U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice’s (BJA) Justice and Mental Health Collaboration (JMHCP) grant program. The purpose of the grant program is to improve collaborative law enforcement-mental health programs for people with mental disorders. JMHCP grants support innovative cross-system collaboration for individuals with mental disorders or co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders who come into contact with the justice system. In this webinar, representatives from the CSG Justice Center and two law enforcement agencies with JMHCP grants will explain the solicitation and answer questions about it. Presenters include

  • Gerard Murphy, director, Law Enforcement Program, CSG Justice Center
  • Jenna Savage, senior research coordinator, Boston Police Department Eilene Flory, CIT coordinator, Bend (OR) Police Department
  • Nicola Smith-Kea, program associate, Law Enforcement Program, CSG Justice Center

BJA will prioritize applications from law enforcement agencies that demonstrate a collaborative project with mental health partners to plan, implement, or expand a justice and mental health collaboration program. Previous grants to law enforcement agencies have supported assessment and referral centers, training for officers, and information systems and technologies to improve officer and agency responses to persons with mental disorders. The CSG Justice Center Law Enforcement Program will provide training and technical assistance over the course of the grant period to help law enforcement agencies and their mental health partners implement programs that best meet the needs of their particular communities. The organization has also produced publications and resources to guide law enforcement agencies, including “Statewide Law Enforcement/Mental Health Efforts” and “Improving Responses to People with Mental Illnesses: Tailoring Law Enforcement Initiatives to Individual Jurisdictions.”

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