DNA Basics: Understanding DNA Evidence in Criminal Investigations and Prosecutions (April 2018)

Thursday Apr 05, 2018 - 03:00pm to 04:00pm EDT
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DNA evidence can be some of the most powerful and compelling evidence in criminal investigations, but how does it really work? Peek behind the scenes and learn how DNA evidence is gathered, analyzed, and presented in court in criminal prosecutions. The webinar will discuss the benefits and pitfalls of this silent biological witness that is present at almost every crime scene, as well as some exciting new trends in DNA analysis that promise to solve even more cases in the future.

The webinar will be presented by Chris Lindberg. Mr. Lindberg has a BA from University of California, Irvine, a JD from the University of San Diego School of Law, and a LLM in Prosecutorial Science from Chapman University. He has been a prosecutor with the San Diego County, California District Attorney’s Office since 1996, where he has successfully prosecuted many serious cases including murder, domestic violence and child molestation, major narcotics, and gang-related violence. He is currently assigned to the Gang Prosecution Unit, where he has developed an expertise in DNA-related cases following two lengthy multiple-murder prosecutions in 2012 involving two notorious gang members. He regularly teaches and consults on DNA cases throughout the state. 

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Justice Clearinghouse
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