10 or More Years

Primo Partners Public Affairs

Patricia (Trish) Rimo is a public affairs and communications professional with over 25 years’ experience. Following senior level positions with technology corporations such as SAIC, Lucent Technologies, and Telcordia Technologies, Ms. Rimo started her own business, specializing in the intersection between communications and policy. Her clients have included the Bureau of Justice Assistance, the Department of Defense, McAfee, Inc., LiveNation,  MorphoTrust USA, AAMVA, Digimarc, General Dynamics, ChannelAdvisor, Walmart, and others.  Ms.

Cocopah Tribal Police Department

James Spurgeon currently serves as the Chief of Police for the Cocopah Tribal Police Department in southwestern Arizona.  He has served in this capacity for over six years and previously served as a police chief in the State of Washington for nearly four years.  During his 25+ year law enforcement career, beginning with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, he has worked as a gang investigator, motorcycle officer, area investigator, Drug Recognition Expert (DRE,) Field Training Officer (FTO,) SFST Battery Instructor, and many other areas of discipline, including his most recent formal

Phyllis H. Subin, Esq, LLC

Phyllis H. Subin, Esq., member of the Pennsylvania & New Mexico bars, has over thirty years public defender experience representing children and adults in juvenile delinquency and criminal court systems. Appointed by the governor of New Mexico, she was a member of his criminal justice cabinet and served as chief public defender for New Mexico, leading a statewide indigent defense representation delivery system.

California Administrative Office of the Courts

Judge Jeffrey Tauber (ret.), a pioneer in the development of court-based rehabilitation systems, spearheaded the development and growth of Drug Courts and other Problem-Solving courts across the United States (presiding over the creation of the award winning Oakland Drug Court, 1990). In 1996, he relocated to Washington D.C. to work closely with the Clinton Administration and the Department of Justice in the development of court based rehabilitation programs (1996-2001).