Request TTA Information

BJA NTTAC strives to deliver high quality training and technical assistance (TTA) across a wide variety of criminal justice issues that is tailored to the unique needs of each requestor. BJA NTTAC achieves this goal by connecting criminal justice professionals to a pool of premier TTA providers from across the country to support the delivery of TTA to improve outcomes at the state, local, or tribal level.
BJA NTTAC service deliveries may take a variety of forms that can be combined or modified to meet the specific needs of the request. To best accommodate the diversity of TTA needs and deliverables, BJA NTTAC provides the following guidelines for how requests are categorized:

  • Tier 1 Short-Term - Information Resources: A short-term TTA request will entail verbal and/or written assistance over a brief period of time and will not require onsite efforts by BJA NTTAC providers, consultants, of staff.
  • Tier 2 Comprehensive - Standardized Onsite or Virtual Training Materials: A comprehensive TTA request will entail standardized TTA services and materials that are delivered via an onsite workshop or through virtual meetings, such as conference calls or webinars.
  • Tier 3 Intensive - Customized Onsite Workshops and Assistance: An intensive TTA request will entail the delivery of rigorous, customized solutions through direct, onsite support that address the specific needs of recipients, including workshops, guidance, or facilitation.

To begin the TTA request process, please click here to complete an online application. Once the application is received, the requestor will be contacted by a BJA NTTAC specialist to gather further details and information relating to the specific needs of the requestor. Once the application is approved, BJA NTTAC staff identify recognized expert individuals and organizations who can assist the applicant to address its problems successfully. For further information on this process please visit the Tools and Information for TTA Requestors page.