Training Delivery - Classroom Training/Onsite

Pharmaceutical Crime - Advanced Investigative Techniques (TN; Dec 2017)

This course is for detectives who are assigned to a pharmaceutical crime unit or investigation. This course will address the crimes associated with pharmaceutical drug diversion, criminal methods, investigative techniques, evidence collection, and the importance of involving a prosecutor at the onset to prepare the case for successful prosecution.

Pharmaceutical Crime - Tools for the Street (Dec 2016)

This course is for street patrol officers/new detectives who need to understand the scope of the problem, recognize the types of crimes that may be encountered, respond to the scene, maintain awareness of associated evidence, use effective interview techniques, and produce documentation to further an investigation for a successful prosecution.

Responding to Alzheimer's: Techniques for Law Enforcement and First Responders (Aug 2016)

The IACP Alzheimer's Initiatives training program, Responding to Alzheimer's Disease: Techniques for Law Enforcement and First Responders, is dedicated to providing public safety administrators, law enforcement officers, supervisors and executives, firefighters, EMS, EMT, and others from the first responder community with the most current Alzheimer's and dementia training available.

2016 National American Indian Court Judges Association Conference Wellness Court Presentation

The Tribal Law and Policy Institute will present "The Judge as Healer: The Role of the Judge in Healing to Wellness Court" at the 2016 National American Indians Court Judges Association conference, taking place October 19-21, 2016 in Morongo, CA. The conference gathers tribal court judges from across the country for a three-day conference concerning the role of the judge and the tribal court. This presentation will focus on the rise of problem-solving courts, and how the judge's role significantly differs from the adversarial court system.