Roadway safety

NLERSP Executive Course (In-Person, Abbreviated) - Georgia Chiefs of Police Summer Training Conference

Abbreviated NLERSP Executive Workshop provided as part of the Georgia Chiefs of Police Summer Training Conference. Lead your agency in roadway safety. Attend this 2-hour workshop with other mid-level and executive-level officers where you will discuss policies, training, and technological innovations that can reduce the risk of officer-involved collisions and struck-by incidents.

NLERSP Webinar - Emergency Vehicle Technology: Leveraging Advances to Improve Officer Safety

In 2021, law enforcement experienced a 38% increase in roadway-related fatalities from 2020. Alarmingly, this increase was driven in part by a 100% increase in struck-by fatalities, with 28 officers killed – the highest ever recorded (NLEOMF, 2022). Reducing injuries and fatalities from officer-involved collisions and struck-by incidents must be a top priority for all law enforcement professionals in 2022 to reverse these sobering trends.

Improving Officer Safety on the Roadways: Lessons Learned from NIOSH FACE Reports on Law Enforcement Line of Duty Deaths

This web event, hosted by the National Law Enforcement Roadway Safety Program (NLERSP) under the Bureau of Justice Assistance VALOR Initiative, will discuss trends in officer injuries and fatalities from roadway-related incidents, provide a detailed case study of an officer struck-by incident, including lessons learned, and identify numerous resources available for patrol officers and agency decision-makers, alike, to reduce risk and improve officer safety on the road.