Forensic-led Policing in Denver

On October 19, 2016, the Bureau of Justice Assistance National Training and Technical Assistance Center hosted the "Forensic-led Policing in Denver" webinar in partnership with the Denver, Colorado Police Department. This webinar provided the criminal justice community with information about the Denver Crime Lab, including how their customer-focused philosophy has helped solve crime. Presenters discussed the concept of real-time forensics, including how databases such as the National Integrated Ballistic Information Network, the Combined DNA Index System, and the Automated Fingerprint Identification System have impacted their work, and addressed some of the challenges in running the lab such as backlog reduction efforts and overcoming workflow issues. Additionally, presenters discussed the Crime Gun Intelligence Center concept founded in Denver in terms of real-time investigative support.

View the webinar recording.

Contributing Organization: 
Denver, Colorado Police Department
Resource Type: 
Training Delivery - Webinar
Justice Topic: 
Law Enforcement