Enhancing Law Enforcement Human Trafficking Task Force Operations

With support from the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) and in partnership with AEquitas and John Jay College of the City University of New York, the International Association of Chiefs of Police is working to increase the capabilities of BJA-funded Enhanced Collaborative Model (ECM) Human Trafficking (HT) Task Forces and other communities combatting human trafficking by providing coordinated training and technical assistance (TTA). The TTA delivered focuses on supporting innovative investigative and prosecutorial techniques; enhancing existing, developing new, and delivering in-person and online training; and collaborating with other U.S. Department of Justice TTA providers to ensure support to the ECM Task Forces and to the field at large is customized to meet identified needs. Comprehensive and coordinated TTA for the ECM Task Forces will aid in increasing awareness and prioritization of all types of HT cases; supporting a proactive approach to investigating and prosecuting HT cases; enhancing victim-centered, trauma-informed approaches; implementing investigative and prosecutorial best practices; and refining evaluation and analytical capacity to regularly examine the successes and challenges of HT Task Force operations.

International Association of Chiefs of Police
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